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In a small garden every foot of space counts. The owners wanted to enjoy growing lots of flowering perennials and a good sized lawn. A curved patio at the end of a zig-zagging path provides additional seating and gives the garden more depth. A simple colonnade will eventually support a scented rose and provide privacy from overlooking windows. The new borders project into the garden providing better growing conditions and taking focus away from the boundaries. The patio by the house was enlarged for entertaining whilst providing access to the house and side gate.

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The patio by the house was small and shaded some of the day. There were some nice plants which were reused where possible.

The garden now has larger plant borders but still a good-sized lawn. The main patio by the house is large enough for a dining table and four chairs. The seating area behind the colonnade catches the sun once the main patio is in shade. The space now has interesting shapes without being over fussy. The path makes it pleasant to enjoy the garden even on a damp day.

The fence was a dominating feature. Climbers have been planted to eventually soften this.

Once the colonnade is covered by a climbing rose it will provide screening from the overlooking houses without taking much light away. A yew hedge has been planted behind the seating area and will eventually create an attractive curving backdrop. It will not mind the conditions created by neighbouring trees.

A gravel path links the two patios. Lavender, foeniculum and verbena feature in the island bed. The old lawn was removed, levelled and new turf laid.

A photo of the house end of the path taken two seasons after planting, showing how the garden has filled out under the enthusiastic care of its owners. The rose was original to the garden and can be seen with Lady’s mantle, Salvia Caradonna and the red Bee Balm.